The Department of Biomedical Engineering is committed to investigation, innovation, and translation of scientific discoveries to enhance patient care. Our scientists and engineers have proven success in generating inventions, licenses, and spinoff companies. However, with shrinking Federal research funds and industry’s conservative approach to funding innovative but high-risk, high reward projects, there is now, more than ever, a need for philanthropic support to facilitate our translational research.

You can help.

Please click on the links below to our targeted areas to see some of the exciting work we are doing in your particular area of interest. We are eager to hear your thoughts, and we invite your partnership in our goals.

Contact Dr. Geoff Vince, Chair of Biomedical Engineering [216-445-6980 or] or Heather Huston Barkley, MBA, Executive Director of Development, 216.445.1038 |

Let’s see what we can accomplish – together.