Diversity in the workplace


The Lerner Research Institute's Diversity Council is here to help you to take advantage of this unique learning opportunity, so that we can all participate equally in a strong, productive workplace that is inclusive, safe, welcoming, and rewarding for everyone. The Council supports numerous events throughout the year.


Diversity is a broad concept. Some of us may be familiar with the concept of biodiversity, which helps to ensure the survival of species and the productivity of the ecosystems which support them. But what do we mean when we talk about diversity in the workplace, and why is it so important?

Diversity in this context refers to three main categories:

  1. Human – differences related to gender, age, race, sexual orientation, ethnicity
  2. Cultural – differences related to ethics, class, values, religion, language
  3. Systems – differences related to the culture, geographic location, roles, and functions of organizations

Just as biodiversity helps natural systems to flourish, workplace diversity, when properly appreciated, helps enterprises to succeed. At the Institute, we enjoy a working environment that is richly diverse. Our pool of knowledge and experience comes from all over the world. We are able to share in the perspectives of many different cultures and viewpoints.

"I have been a Cleveland Clinic employee since 1994 and have enjoyed the tremendous diversity of cultures that there are to offer here. It is truly a wonderful place, not only to work, but also to meet and interact with people from all over the world!"
- Mike Berk, Cellular and Molecular Medicine

Where in the World..?

Our employees were invited to stick a push pin in a giant world map to indicate where in the world they were born. Click here for a large version of the map.