Dr. Hsieh’s lab is interested in studying the development and function of the mast cell in human diseases with special emphasis on the contribution of mast cells to allergic pulmonary inflammation. One current focus is the study of mast cell tissue heterogeneity in order to understand the determinants of reactive mucosal mast cell phenotype as defined in a model of mast cell-airway epithelial cell co-culture. Our hope is that by understanding the mechanisms by which mast cells are primed to react at airway mucosal surfaces, we will be able to develop therapeutics that specifically target the mast cells that participate in airway inflammation without interrupting the contribution of mast cells to normal physiologic processes.

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Dr. Hsieh sees patients in Allergy and Immunology and performs laboratory research focused on studying the role of the mast cell, an important cell in various immune responses, in allergic inflammation.  Ongoing projects seek to understand the development of the mast cell in allergic pulmonary inflammation and identify novel diagnostic and treatment modalities in patiens with systemic mastocytosis.

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