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Lab assistant.The mere title can conjure up a picture of a hunch-backed, wide-eyed assistant that goes by the name Igor - a scary-looking shadow of a person, obediently following behind the mad scientist, as he collects bones and brains and other body parts for his nefarious experiments. But that’s only in the movies.
In reality, the lab assistant, or research technician, is an important part of a scientific lab, participating in high-tech, high-profile research that, in some instances, saves lives. The research technician is the workhorse of the lab. They set up, operate, and maintain the lab equipment. They test, monitor, and keep detailed logs of the experiments. Most of the work is not glamorous, and can at times be mundane. More experienced technicians maintain complex computer equipment, interpret data, develop conclusions, and devise solutions to problems under the direction of the scientist in charge…. Research technicians are exposed to dangerous chemicals, toxic materials, and even infectious diseases on a daily basis. It takes a clear mind and a steady hand to work in a lab.
The research technician may not get all the glory of the scientist; but without them, the scientist is like a conductor without an orchestra.


Ordering Alquam Mashir; Becky Sebastian
Purchase Record Maintenance Alquam Mashir; Becky Sebastian

Animal Husbandry

Breeding/weaning Amanda Metzger; Lisa Ruple; Yang Yu
Veterinary Issues Amanda Metzger
Animal Handling Amanda Metzger

Animal Techniques

Injection/Blood Draw
Saphenous Amanda Metzger
Ocular Amanda Metzger
IP Amanda Metzger
IM Amanda Metzger
SQ Amanda Metzger
Tissue Harvesting Amanda Metzger; Lisa Ruple
Organ Perfusion Cindy Kangas
Surgical Procedure Amanda Metzger

Cell Biology Techniques

Fluorophore Assisted Carbohydrate Electrophoresis (FACE) Hyunjin Rho
PAGE and Western Blotting Joseph Cody; Lori Mavrakis; Yingchun Han; Jennifer Leising; Alquam Mashir; Hyunjin Rho; Lisa Ruple; Susamma Abraham; Yang Yu; Becky Sebastian
Hyaluronic acid sizing Joseph Cody; Alquam Mashir; Hyunjin Rho
ELISA Alquam Mashir
rat MPO Xiaoying Tang
cGMP Xiaoying Tang
Hyaluronic Acid Xiaoying Tang,Hyunjin Rho
Defensin beta 2 Hyunjin Rho
IHC Yingchun Han; Lisa Ruple; Becky Sebastian
fresh frozen Cindy Kangas
paraffin-embedded Cindy Kangas
OCT frozen Cindy Kangas
insitu hybridization Cindy Kangas
protein purification Lori Mavrakis; Hyunjin Rho
FACS Lori Mavrakis; Jennifer Leising
radiolabelling Lori Mavrakis
transfection Lori Mavrakis; Susamma Abraham
lentivirus Jennifer Leising
Column Chromatography Lori Mavrakis; Susamma Abraham
gel filtration Lori Mavrakis; Hyunjin Rho
affinity Hyunjin Rho
hydroxyapatite Hyunjin Rho
ion exchange Hyunjin Rho; Clarita Duenas
Immunoprecipitation Yingchun Han; Jennifer Leising
polymerase Jennifer Leising
Receptor binding Assay Hyunjin Rho
Radio Immune Assay Hyunjin Rho; Susamma Abraham
Nitric Oxide measurement (Seivers 280i) Alquam Mashir
protein determination Alquam Mashir
Plasma isolation Alquam Mashir
WBC isolation Alquam Mashir
RBC isolation Alquam Mashir
platelet-rich plasma isolation Alquam Mashir
platelet-poor plasma isolation Alquam Mashir
platelet lysate prep Alquam Mashir
Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) Clarita Duenas; Lourdes Gruca
HPLC Clarita Duenas; Lourdes Gruca
BioPlex (Luminex) Multiphlex Assays Carole Bennett
Smooth muscle cell isolation from human colon Hyunjin Rho
monocyte adhesion assy Hyunjin Rho
Zymography Lisa Ruple; Yang Yu
Cutting paraffin and frozen tissues Yang Yu
Laser Microdissection Lisa Ruple

Cell Tissue Culture

General technique Lori Mavrakis; Alquam Mashir; Hyunjin Rho
19 Lu Jennifer Leising
293T Jennifer Leising; Susamma Abraham
3T3 Jennifer Leising
3T3-L1 Becky Sebastian
A549 Joseph Cody; Susamma Abraham
C2C12 Yang Yu
HCC1937 Joseph Cody
HEK Jennifer Leising
Hela Susamma Abraham
Hep G2 Yang Yu
human mast cell Yingchun Han
NRP-152/154 Jennifer Leising
PASMCs Joseph Cody
RAW 264.7 Susamma Abraham
SK-BR-3 Joseph Cody
TLp-1 Susamma Abraham
U937 Joseph Cody


Patient consent Alquam Mashir
Collection of Breath Samples Alquam Mashir
SYFT-MS Alquam Mashir
Nitric Oxide measurement Alquam Mashir
NIOX-Flex Alquam Mashir
NIOX MINO Alquam Mashir
PFTs (DLNO, DLCO, FEVs) Alquam Mashir
Submission of IRB amendments Alquam Mashir


ultracentrifuge Lori Mavrakis; Becky Sebastian
luminometer Lori Mavrakis
scintillator Lori Mavrakis
luminometer Lori Mavrakis
gamma counting Lori Mavrakis
Spectrometry Lori Mavrakis; Clarita Duenas; Becky Sebastian
Kodak Image Station Becky Sebastian
Fluorimeter Clarita Duenas
Seivers 280i Alquam Mashir
SYFT-MS Alquam Mashir
NIOX-Flex Alquam Mashir
Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) Clarita Duenas; Lourdes Gruca
HPLC Clarita Duenas; Carole Bennett
BioPlex (Luminex) Multiphlex Assays Carole Bennett
Cutting paraffin and frozen tissues Yang Yu
Laser Microdissection Lisa Ruple
lyophilizer Lori Mavrakis
Phosphorimeter Lori Mavrakis
Mili Q Water Lori Mavrakis

Molecular Biology Techniques

RNA isolation Joseph Cody; Hyunjin Rho; Yang Yu
DNA isolation Hyunjin Rho; Lisa Ruple; Nancy Rebert
cDNA synthesis Joseph Cody; Yang Yu
Subcloning Hyunjin Rho
Real-Time PCR Xiaoying Tang; Hyunjin Rho; Susamma Abraham; Yang Yu; Nancy Rebert
Reverse-Transcription PCR Yingchun Han; Hyunjin Rho; Susamma Abraham
PCR Joseph Cody; Yingchun Han; Jennifer Leising; Hyunjin Rho; Lisa Ruple; Susamma Abraham; Yang Yu
DNA sequencing Lori Mavrakis; Susamma Abraham
Northern Blotting Lori Mavrakis; Hyunjin Rho
Gene Silencing shRNA Jennifer Leising
transformation Jennifer Leising; Hyunjin Rho; Susamma Abraham
plasmid isolation Jennifer Leising; Hyunjin Rho
single strand conformational polymorphism Hyunjin Rho
yeast II hybridization Hyunjin Rho
Primer Design Hyunjin Rho
Data analysis of DNA sequence
Genotyping Lisa Ruple; Susamma Abraham; Yang Yu
Single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) Nancy Rebert
EMSA Susamma Abraham
Luciferase Assays Susamma Abraham

Software Knowledge

Image J Becky Sebastian
JMP statistical software Alquam Mashir
SAS Becky Sebastian
End Note Alquam Mashir
Procite Becky Sebastian
Gel Pro Analyzer Hyunjin Rho
Canvas Hyunjin Rho
Graph Pad Prism Hyunjin Rho; Becky Sebastian