Hybridoma Core


The Hybridoma Core is equipped with 3 laminar flow hoods for tissue culture purposes as well as a warm room (37 degree) and cold room (4 degree). In addition, there are 2 tissue culture incubators, an Olympus inverted phase microscope, a BioTek ELISA plate reader, a BioTek ELISA plate washer, 4 liquid nitrogen storage tanks, one -70 freezer and one -20 freezer.


1 Sorvall RT7 PLUS benchtop refrigerated centrifuge for routine tissue culture work.


1 Revco -70 celsius freezer and 1 -20 celsius freezer


2 Thermo Scientific tissue culture incubators equipped with sterilization mode.

Liquid nitrogen storage

1 K Series and3 BioCane 47 Cryostorage systems capable of storing greater than 10,000 vials.

Safety hoods

3 Nuaire Biological Safety Cabinets providing laminar flow and a sterile work environment for hybridoma tissue culture work.