Web Development Office

Web Development Office is responsible for internal and public websites, content maintenance, graphic design, database and web application development.

About Us

The office sets standards for web design and development to ensure the usability of web pages and creates interactive media to advance the Institute's scientific and educational mission. Under the direction of Dr. Walker, Computing Services, the office develops cost-effective custom applications and assists with content review, quality assurance and user interface testing. The office collaborates with marketing and philanthropy projects and provides research departments and investigators with a professional web presence.

Quick Links

  • Software: Information for web authoring and graphic design software, such as Contribute (intranet only).
  • Tutorials: Handouts from training sessions, tips and tricks for web coordinators.
  • Web Standards: New web coordinators should read our web standards and technical requirements.

Contact Us

Eldon Walker, Ph.D.
Director, Computing Services