Our Mission

Immune-based therapies are redefining how cancer and other diseases are treated, helping to improve clinical outcomes for as many patients as possible. The Center for Immunotherapy & Precision Immuno-Oncology (CITI) at Cleveland Clinic's Lerner Research Institute merges our expertise in immunology and genomics to drive innovation in research and care. We are a department that includes research laboratories, shared research platforms, developmental therapeutics and precision medicine programs.

CITI is a state-of-the-art center and department dedicated to immunotherapy research, discovery and developmental therapeutics, with the ultimate goal to make precision immuno-oncology available for every patient. CITI emphasizes large-scale capabilities and data science to drive immune medicine discovery and drug development for patients with cancer, infectious diseases and other illnesses.

CITI laboratory principal investigators are pursuing highly innovative research and advanced drug discovery across tumor types. We are working to develop new immunotherapies that will dramatically improve patient outcomes for some of today’s most aggressive cancers.

CITI oversees Cleveland Clinic GMP-based cell therapy development.

By understanding how the immune system and tumors interact, CITI scientists seek to develop large-scale immunogenomic discovery capabilities in partnership with clinicians and researchers across Cleveland Clinic, as well as industry collaborators.

Program Vision

Cell Therapy & Immuno-Engineering Program
Focuses on engineered cell therapy translational and biomarker work, identifying new targets for cell therapy, developing novel CAR T/engineered T cells, and developing cancer vaccines.

Immunologic Medicine
Our division laboratories address critical topics in translational immunology, tumor immunology, regenerative medicine, cell therapy, and immunotherapy development.

Precision & Development Therapeutics Program
Works across institutes to develop precision-oncology initiatives for Cleveland Clinic patients. We are developing state-of-the-art approaches to provide our patients with access to the latest diagnostics and therapeutics. We work with investigators throughout the Cleveland Clinic and Case Cancer Center on novel clinical trials.

Precision Immuno-Oncology
Provides precision immunogenomic profiling through computational immunology, immunomonitoring and immunoprofiling.

Our Goals

Some priority goals of CITI are to:

  • Drive discovery in tumor immunology and translational immunology
  • Engage in flagship projects with investigators across Cleveland Clinic
  • Facilitate industry contracts, collaborations and enhanced capabilities
  • Facilitate state-of-the-art collaborative work on clinical trials
  • Enhance experimental and analytical capabilities for immunogenomics and large-scale, data-rich immunology studies
  • Drive Cleveland Clinic’s intellectual property engine in immuno-oncology
  • Develop immuno-oncology-driven diagnostics in partnership with CLIA-certified clinical labs
  • Establish a precision oncology engine at Cleveland Clinic:
    • cBIO Portal: A searchable, minable portal for major genomic, transcriptomic and high-dimensional datasets for patients from Cleveland Clinic and all over the world treated with immuno-oncology therapeutics, facilitating analysis of features relevant to oncology with application-driven access for the research and clinical trials community
    • Flagship precision immuno-oncology projects and industry partnerships for innovative clinical trials
    • Shared resources to propel development therapeutics in the Cleveland Clinic Health System