• NIH’s National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS) announced that all study-related services received at Clinical Research Units will need to be expensed to the investigator’s funding source as of June 1, 2017. The expense of study-specific visits will no longer be an allowable cost on the CTSA grant that funds the CRU. This is a transition year for Cleveland Clinic’s CRU to convert to a Service Center model. This new ‘cost-neutral’ funding model will allow the Clinical Research Units to sustain quality research services. CRUS will work with investigators to expand services to meet their emerging needs or develop strategies to reduce CRU services if necessary for investigators to achieve budget targets. To help you plan for the future, we have attached a list of common costs for research study procedures performed within the Clinical Research Unit. Specific costs related to your project will be determined after the CRU Request Services form is submitted.
  • Cleveland Clinic CRU changes

  • CRU Price List

Please note:

    • Existing studies, currently approved and using the Clinical Research Unit that complete prior to June 1, 2017, will incur no charges.
    • Existing studies, currently approved and using the Clinical Research Unit that need to continue past June 1, 2017 should contact the CRU for a cost determination of services needed after June 1, 2017 to seek/plan for alternate/additional funding.
    • New studies, Renewals, and/or Competing grant applications and/or resubmissions of originally unsuccessful proposals planning to use the CRU will be expected to include costs of CRU services in their respective applications and proposal budgets. Please contact the CRU at least 10 business days before the grant routing/submission.
    • Industry-sponsored studies:  The CRU charges for industry-sponsored studies remain unchanged.

Publication Acknowledgement

All publications resulting from the utilization of CTSA resources are required to credit the CTSA grant by including the NIH funding acknowledgement and must comply with the NIH Public Access Policy. All researchers should cite grant UL1TR000439, as follows: " This publication was made possible by the Case Western Reserve University/Cleveland Clinic CTSA Grant Number UL1TR000439 from the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS), a component of the National Institutes of Health. Its contents are solely the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official view of NCATS or NIH."
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