• Department of Biomedical Engineering (ND20)
  • Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute
  • 9500 Euclid Avenue
  • Cleveland, Ohio 44195
  • @ccf.org

Research interest

US Patent Patent Title Issue Date First-Named Inventor
7,728,442 Method and Apparatus for In Vivo Sensing 10/23/2007 Aaron Fleischman Ph.D.
7,169,106 Intraocular Pressure Measurement System Including a Sensor Mounted in a Contact Lens 1/30/2007 Aaron Fleischman Ph.D.
6,749,568 Measurement System Including a Sensor Mounted In a Contact Lens 6/15/2004 Aaron Fleischman Ph.D.
6,641,540 Miniature Ultrasound Transducer 11/4/2003 Aaron Fleischman Ph.D.
6,623,984 MEMS-Based Integrated Magnetic Particle Identification System 9/23/2003 Aaron Fleischman Ph.D.