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Investigating Age Differences in COVID-19 Immune Response

Dr. Cheng’s team identified several differences in immune and inflammatory responses that may help explain the elevated risk for severe illness and death observed in older COVID-19 patients.

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Adaptive Differentiation Drives Cell Repair in Diseased Tissues

Dr. Stappenbeck’s group found a new cell type that is produced by intestinal epithelial stem and progenitor cells and provides rapid structural support to damaged, high-turnover tissue and a foundation for its proper healing.

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Researchers Probe Further Into Link between Red Meat and Cardiovascular Disease Risk

Dr. Hazen identified the gbu gene cluster as a potential therapeutic target for diet-associated cardiovascular disease, and showed that dietary modifications may also help reduce risk.

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New Global Center for Pathogen and Human Health Research

The Global Center for Pathogen and Human Health Research will bring together a research team to broaden understanding of viral pathogens and the human immune response toward preparing and protecting against future public health threats.


Accelerating Discoveries to Patients

Working together with Cleveland Clinic physicians, our scientists are discovering the treatments of tomorrow. While many spend their days working at the laboratory bench, their inspiration can be found at the patient bedside.

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