Brittany  Lapin,  PhD

Brittany Lapin, PhD

Assistant Staff

(Joint appointment in the Center for Neuro-Restoration/NI)

Lerner Research Institute, 9500 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44195
Location: JJ3-606
Phone: (216) 445-5729


My general research interest lies in optimizing the clinical utility of patient-reported outcome measurements (PROMs). Cleveland Clinic collects over 100,000 PROMs per month, which our team analyzes to track conditions over time, evaluate effectiveness of interventions, and determine the value of care. More specifically, my research is focused on developing and optimizing methodology to improve the utilization and interpretation of PROMs for both patient-centered care and for clinical research.

I am particularly interested in 6 main areas:

A. Determination of the value of patient-reported outcomes measurements (PROMs)

The added value of PROMs to clinical-reported measures: 

B. Optimization of the clinical utility of PROMs

Linking two common PROMs in clinical practice to assess global health in patients with spine disorder

Validating the PROMIS Global Health in stroke patients:

Accurate methodology for linking two common PROMs to assess global health:

C. Application of item response theory models to improve PROMs

Demonstrating the unidimensionality of the Epworth Sleepiness Scale:

D. Evaluation of patient conditions and interventions through PROMs

PROMs across stroke type:

Affected health domains after ischemic stroke:

A Markov modeling approach to assessing ALS progression:

Trajectories of impairments in ALS:

Cognitive impairments in adult patients with epilepsy:

E. Assessment of patient-reported depression across conditions

Depression across neurological conditions:

Depression in bariatric surgery patients with multiple sclerosis:

F. Quantification of patient and provider experience

Patient experience with PROMs:

Provider experience with PROMs:

Patient interest in health information technology:

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