About Us

The academic mission of the Lerner Research Institute is to provide excellent research training and professional development for all research trainees. The Research Education and Training Center (RETC) of the Lerner Research Institute (LRI) provides academic services for nearly 250 Postdoctoral Research Fellows, over 175 Graduate Students and more than 150 summer Research Students.

The RETC also provides support for 175 LRI Principal Investigators. This support includes programs focused on recruiting qualified research trainees who wish to further their scientific careers by participating in and contributing to leading-edge biomedical research. The RETC maintains this working website to advertise postdoctoral and graduate student research training opportunities in LRI laboratories and to inform visitors of support and career development programs sponsored by the RETC. The RETC also maintains an internal and current electronic Postdoctoral Fellow CV directory for use by LRI Principal Investigators. In addition, the RETC maintains a comprehensive LRI Research Trainee Database to be used by the Institute for grant proposals and for administrative purposes.

Each new Postdoctoral Fellow and Graduate Student receives a Research Orientation with RETC personnel before they begin their work in the lab. Each research trainee is provided with processing-in instructions, maps, contact lists and other orientation materials. All research trainees have an exit interview in the RETC when they have finished their research training so the RETC can facilitate the exit process and continue support of our trainees as they become Cleveland Clinic alumni.

Postdoctoral Fellow candidates seeking research opportunities should contact the investigator of interest directly by using the job posting links.

RETC Personnel

Christine S. Moravec  PhD
Christine S. Moravec PhD
Director, Research Education and Training Center, LRI
Phone:(216) 445-9949
Sarah  Kostiha Smith  MEd, MBA
Sarah Kostiha Smith MEd, MBA
Program Manager, Predoctoral Training
Program Manager, Molecular Medicine PhD Program
Phone:(216) 445-9417
Matthew  Yako  MEd
Matthew Yako MEd
Program Manager, Postdoctoral Training
Phone:(216) 445-6690