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Meet the 2020 Class of Molecular Medicine PhD Students

Ten new students have joined Lerner Research Institute’s Molecular Medicine PhD program, a five-year, degree-granting program that offers traditional class instruction and immersive research experience for the next generation of biomedical scientists.

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New Analysis Shows Surgery for Drug-Resistant Temporal Lobe Epilepsy is Cost-Effective

The first U.S. cost-effectiveness analysis in decades supports more surgical evaluations, suggesting the up-front cost of evaluation is significantly smaller than the price paid by patients, society and healthcare systems when medications alone are used.

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Potential New Drug Target for Steroid-Resistant Inflammatory Diseases Uncovered

Dr. Min and colleagues uncovered a key contribution of regulatory T cells during glucocorticoid-mediated treatment of inflammation, elucidating a possible new, related target for treating aggressive inflammatory diseases.

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Institute News

COVID-19: Our Response

The best and brightest scientists, researchers and clinicians are working together to study treatments and prevention strategies to overcome the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) causing COVID-19. Explore our latest research news and discoveries.

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Accelerating Discoveries to Patients

Working together with Cleveland Clinic physicians, our scientists are discovering the treatments of tomorrow. While many spend their days working at the laboratory bench, their inspiration can be found at the patient bedside.

Education & Training

Postdoctoral Program

Train on the cutting-edge of research and join our thriving postdoc association.

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Molecular Medicine PhD Program

Earn your PhD through our unique program that combines basic science and medical knowledge.

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Graduate Programs

Earn your PhD through our joint program with local universities.

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