Daniel  Blankenberg,  PhD

Daniel Blankenberg, PhD

Assistant Staff

Lerner Research Institute, 9500 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44195


Propelling Research through the Omics Age
The massive deluge of biomedical data that has privileged the contemporary scientific community is only the tip of the iceberg. With each technological advance, the wealth of biological data grows at an increasing rate.

Opportunities in biology and human health will exceed anything seen before, but will only bear fruit if researchers have access to the tools and means to analyze ‘big data’ in a reproducible, transparent, and collaborative fashion.

The explosion of data that heralds the ‘omics’ age provides a unique set of challenges and opportunities.

The Blankenberg lab is developing a collaborative computational biology research program that produces new algorithms and tools for the analysis of increasingly large and complex ‘omic’ datasets. This includes:

  1. building computational resources and approaches that enable individuals and communities, regardless of their background, to effectively and reproducibly use high-throughput data and analysis tools for data-intensive science
  2. empowering collaborative analysis and dissemination of human health datasets across all strata of métier
  3. developing new, high-performance, computing-ready tools and algorithms for biomedical applications.

Lay Summary

Metagenomics provides an exciting opportunity to begin to explore large-scale, multiple sample datasets. Research in the Blankenberg lab focus on developing computational approaches for analyzing large-scale biological data.

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