The GMB serves as the foundation for evidence-based research for the GMI, the Cleveland Clinic, and our collaborators. Our biorepository has received, catalogued, processed, and banked in excess of 235,000 specimens from more than 16,200 patients. These samples are of numerous tissue types from patients and their family members located all over the world. The GMB has managed specimens that have resulted in more than 300 original peer-reviewed articles and greater than $25 million total direct costs in extramural funding over the last 7 years.

Samples received by the GMB are processed into a wide range of biomaterials using standardized laboratory techniques and quality control practices. Our services include the isolation of DNA and RNA for genetic studies, isolation of plasma or extraction of protein for proteomic studies, creation of immortalized cell lines from blood lymphocytes for biochemical research, and more. All sample information is entered into a laboratory information management system database (BSI) for cataloguing, coding, and storage as well as integration of additional research data. The GMB works closely with investigators and is committed to meet their comprehensive study goals.

Services & Fees

The Genomic Medicine Biorepository offers the following services to the members of the Genomic Medicine Institute, our collaborators, and members of the Cleveland Clinic family. Those outside of the Cleveland Clinic who may be interested in our services are encouraged to contact us for information.

All projects are subject to review by the GMB and our staff is available for individual consultation and experimental design upon request.

DNA Isolation
(Blood, paraffin-embedded tissue, frozen tissue, cell lines, and others)
This is the mainstay of genomics research and is used for many different investigations.

RNA Isolation (from various sources)
(Blood, cell lines, and others)
This allows for expression research, and combined with rtPCR (cDNA) offers a starting point for micro-array studies.

Spectrofluorometric Quantification of DNA
This differs from spectrophotometric (NanoDrop) analysis in that it specifically quantifies double-stranded DNA and is highly sensitive for quantifying small amounts of DNA.

Normalization of DNA

Preparation of DNA normalized to a specific concentration and volume.

Lymphoblastoid Cell Line Initiation
Initiation of lymphoblastoid cell lines provides a perpetual source of high molecular weight genetic material as well as protein, and opens the door to in vitro studies that cannot be done with primary cells.

Plasma or Serum Processing
This is a low-cost sample that is banked as a by-product when blood is submitted. This has tremendous potential with the emergence of proteomics as a new and exciting research tool.

Urine Processing
This is a standard diagnostic resource. As well, it has significant research value.

Cell Line Revival, Backfreeze, & Transfer

This process allows us to distribute cell lines that have been placed in cryogenic suspension without depleting potentially irreplaceable resources.

Sample Storage

This service is reserved for samples prepared by the GMB. These annual fees will be prospectively assessed at the beginning of each calendar year.

Biomaterial Transfer (other than cell lines or)

This service provides the mechanism to get samples to the investigator. This fee covers the administrative costs associated with preparing and documenting sample transfers.


We can directly ship your samples to any lab domestic or international, for further analysis after processing.

Database Integration (BSI)

This is critical in the management of a modern biorepository - not only for sample management, but also for large-scale investigations involving clinical and research data.

Please contact the GMB at for specific pricing.

Methods & Procedures

The methods implemented have been developed using standard protocols in the individual fields and following International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories (ISBER) best practices. All protocols are subject to rigorous validation testing and strict quality assurance standards. Click on any of the below links to download the protocol in PDF form.


Click on any of the below links to download the document in PDF form.


The Genomic Medicine Biorepository is located in the Genomic Medicine Institute in the Center for Genomics Research, the latest addition to the Lerner Research Institute at The Cleveland Clinic. To ensure long-term reliability, samples received or processed by the GMB are stored in research-grade freezers and immortalized cell lines are indefinitely preserved in cryogenic suspension. All storage equipment is kept fail-safe through electrical backup circuits, alarm systems and temperature monitors.


For information regarding the services and operation of the Genomic Medicine Biorepository, please contact us:

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