Call for Pilot Project Research Proposals
Clinical and Basic/Translational Projects


Submission Deadlines:


Letter of Intent:

February 1, 2018 (email to Thomas McIntyre (


March 1, 2018


2 pilot projects with direct costs up to $25,000
Northern Ohio Alcohol Center/Center for Liver Disease Research

The NIAAA/NIH-funded P50 Northern Ohio Alcohol Center (NOAC) is seeking applications for basic/translational or clinical projects related to the pathophysiological effects of alcohol on health:

1. Measuring biochemical and molecular markers of ethanol-induced stress
2. Assessing cellular responses to ethanol-induced stress
3. Understanding the integrative organismal adaptations to ethanol
4. Translating advances from the laboratory to human clinical experiments

Clinical and basic / translational investigators at all stages of career development are encouraged to apply.    

Award Details
Funding range: $25,000 directs costs, only
Funding start date: Spring 2018, dependent on active IRB/IACUC approvals for the project
Principal investigator and personnel salary: Allowed
Length of support: 1-2 years; funding for the second year is contingent upon evidence of satisfactory progress during year 1, as documented in a progress report

Submission Guidelines
1. A letter of intent comprising no more than one half of one page to include: Investigator(s); Title; Problem; Aims; Anticipated outcomes and conclusions.

2. Grant application: If invited after review of the letter of intent, a formal proposal must include: 

1.)Cover Page

Title of proposal and contact information of PI

2.)Detailed Budget Page

Detailed justification for first year and second year, if requested

3.)Biographical Sketch/Other Support

NIH style Biosketch

4.)Research Plan

Maximum 2 pages, including a) Specific Aims b) Significance, c) Innovation, d) Approach

Please email Letter of Intent (due 2/1/18) , and if invited, applications (due (3/1/18) to:
Thomas McIntyre (

Investigators may only submit one application per cycle as Principal Investigator.

Selection Criteria and Review Process
Projects will be assessed based on l: a) relevance to NOAC themes and goals; b) scientific quality; c) likelihood of receiving R01 funding in the future; d) Collaborations/synergies with other NOAC investigators and use of NOAC Cores.

Proposals will be reviewed by the Executive Committee of the NOAC.  Based on these reviews and programmatic goals, the Executive Committee will make recommendations for funding.

For questions please contact Laura Nagy at or 444-4021 or Tom McIntyre at