George F. Muschler, M.D.


Lerner Research Institute
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Our laboratory is focused on advancing the field of tissue engineering through development of new strategies for preservation, repair, regeneration, augmentation, or replacement of musculoskeletal tissues. We focus in three key areas: the harvest, processing and transplantation of adult connective tissue stem cells and progenitors (CTPs) for treatment of fractures and problems of degenerative joints; the effects of aging and osteoporosis on CTPs; and optimizing assays for CTPs and other stem cells.

Our ongoing health requires continuous renewal of tissues that we loose to degeneration, injury or disease. Our bones, skin, and other tissues are continuously restored by the work of upstream stem cells defined collectively as CTPs. Maintaining this balance of formation in many ways defines health, and regaining this balance is necessary for effective tissue repair or regeneration. Methods that we have developed to measure the number and function of CTPs and methods to harvest, concentrate, select and transplant CTPs are now widely used by scientists and surgeons. We and continue to advance the development of novel biomaterial scaffolds and clinically useful cell processing strategies.

In other words ...

Our laboratory is focused on developing and testing new therapies for patients who suffer diseases that result in the loss or healthy tissue. Fractures, bone loss (osteoporosis), arthritis and cartilage injuries are just a few of these conditions. We are also developing new methods of measuring the number of stem and progenitor cells a person has in different tissues of their body.  These methods of measurement can provide a new way to assess the health of a tissue.  They may enable the development of new cell therapies.  They may also teach us about the process of aging.  To stay healthy, our bodies must be in a constant state of regeneration and repair.  Our future health requires that we constantly repair and replace the tissues that we lose each day due to natural processes, injury, degeneration or disease.

Cynthia  Boehm B.S.
Cynthia Boehm B.S.
Principal Research Technologist

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Wesley  Bova
Wesley Bova
Research Technician

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Viviane  Luangphakdy M.S.
Viviane Luangphakdy M.S.
Senior Principal Research Engineer

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Venkata Ratnam Mantripragada Ph.D.
Venkata Ratnam Mantripragada Ph.D.
Research Associate

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