Robert Silverman, Ph.D.

The Mal and Lea Bank Chair

Lerner Research Institute
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Our studies probe fundamental molecular and cellular processes that impact microbial infections and cancer. We seek a better understanding of how the mammalian cell resists viral infections and how the virus antagonizes the host response to infection. Interferons (IFNs) induce a family of 2',5'-oligoadenylate (2-5A) synthetases (OAS). In response to viral double stranded RNA, OAS produces 2-5A whose function is to activate RNase L causing degradation of viral and cellular RNA. Previously we cloned RNase L and established its antiviral activities in genetically deficient mice. We found that RNase L cleaves viral and cellular RNA to generate small RNAs that stimulate IFN synthesis through RIG-I and MDA5. We are currently studying viral and host 2',5'-phosphodiesterases that prevent activation of RNase L, thus allowing virus replication and viral pathogenesis. Our goals include elucidating fundamental events and biologic endpoints surrounding RNase L that impact on viral replication cycles and tumor biology.Another area of research concerns the roles of innate immunity and genetics in prostate cancer. The hereditary prostate cancer 1 (HPC1) gene maps to RNase L. We are investigating the potential role of RNase L in prostate cancer by focusing on basic cellular processes regulated by RNase L including autophagy and apoptosis. We are also developing an experimental protocol for treating late-stage cancer by combining sunitinib treatments with infection by an oncolytic virus.

In other words ...

In other words…. Dr. Silverman has investigated molecular pathways of the anti-viral and anti-cancer activities of interferon for the past 34 years.  His studies are mainly focused on a classical innate immune pathway known as the OAS/RNase L system.  Interestingly, the RNase L gene maps to the hereditary prostate cancer 1 locus and may have a dual function in both suppressing hereditary prostate cancer and viral infections.  The knowledge to be gained from these studies could eventually contribute to improved treatments for viral infections and cancer. For instance, his group has recently shown that transient suppression of the interferon-regulated proteins RNase L and PKR with the drug, sunitinib, enhances the anti-tumor efficacy of a therapeutic virus in mouse models of cancer.

Shuvojit  Banerjee Ph.D.
Shuvojit Banerjee Ph.D.
Research Associate

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Beihua  Dong M.D.
Beihua Dong M.D.
Project Staff

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Christina  Gaughan M.S.
Christina Gaughan M.S.
Senior Research Technologist

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