Lerner Postdoctoral Association

LPDA Executive Board

Co-presidents: Amina Abbadi and Timothy Mead
Secretary: Kelsey Bohn
Treasurer: Brian Yard

Career Development and Resources

  • Career cevelopment seminars
  • Professional development workshops
  • Teaching opportunities at local schools and universities
  • Career/training opportunities in collaboration with RETC and Lerner Graduate Student Association (LGSA)


  • Advertise postdoc-related events
  • Social media (LinkedIn)
  • Monthly Postdoctoral Fellow newsletter


  • Social events
  • Promote networking opportunities
  • Community outreach


  • Research mentorship in collaboration with LGSA
  • Mentorship seminars and workshops
  • Mentor graduate students
  • Address concerns and complaints to appropriate channels interating with RETC and Office of the Lerner Chair