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As the Chair of Cleveland Clinic’s Genomic Medicine Institute (GMI) and Director of the Center for Personalized Genetic Healthcare (CPGH), the clinical component of GMI, I am pleased to present this newsletter in order to highlight some of the work we are doing in genetic and genomic medicine.

The broad platform of GMI encompasses the tripartite academic missions of patient-oriented genomic medicine research, patient care and education.  At CPGH, we are committed in helping non-genetics healthcare providers and their patients and families understand and manage risk of having an inherited condition.  As clinical genetics professionals, we create and evaluate a patient’s “genetic profile” including an accurate family health history, provide education and support, and evaluate whether there is a genetic risk for a disease.  We recommend genetic testing in the setting of genetic counseling and interpret the test result for the patient.  Based on the gene test result, we precisely tailor a gene-informed care plan including close monitoring for early detection and preventative measures.  In addition to clinical care, CPGH engages in public policy and advocacy.

November is Family Health History Month, and the holidays are the perfect time to gather information needed to create a family health history, a roadmap for preventing disease. Documenting family health history is an important tool that is useful for understanding health risks and preventing disease in individuals and their close relatives. Read about the tips for developing a better family health history in our Clinical Notes section.

In addition to learning about the benefits of assembling a family health history, this newsletter demonstrates the value of genomic medicine to patient care, highlights our patient-oriented research efforts and explores emerging topics related to genetics and genomics.  Click on the newsletter categories below to learn more.

Thank you for your interest in learning more about the Genomic Medicine Institute at the Cleveland Clinic.  For additional information, visit us at

Charis Eng, MD, PhD, FACP
American Cancer Society Clinical Research Professor
Sondra J and Stephen R Hardis Chair of Cancer Genomic Medicine
Chair, Genomic Medicine Institute
Director, Center for Personalized Genetic Healthcare
Cleveland Clinic

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