Brian  Gastman,  M.D.

Brian Gastman, M.D.


Lerner Research Institute, 9500 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44195
Location: NE4-303

Phone: (216) 445-2103


Tumor Immunology- We are developing not only animal models to better understand this process, but also as a basis to investigate novel inhibitory strategies to enhance current immunotherapeutic approaches. Tumor secreted factors also appear to be an important part of this process, and thus identifying them and creating reagents for study and inhibition is also part of our investigations. Cancer Therapy Resistance - We are moving toward a better understanding of these oncogenes from a molecular and biochemical standpoint as they inhibit chemotherapy induced senescence. Our goal is to identify new molecules involved in this process and new inhibitors of these oncogenes that will ultimately have clinical utility.

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  2. Zhang X, Voskens CJ, Sallin M, Maniar A, Montes CL, Zhang Y, Lin W, Li G, Burch E, Tan M, Hertzano R, Chapoval AI, Tamada K, Gastman BR, et al. CD137 promotes proliferation and survival of human B cells. J Immunol. Jan 15;184(2):787-95, 2010.

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