Vincent K. Tuohy, Ph.D.

The Mort and Iris November Distinguished Chair in Innovative Breast Cancer Research

Lerner Research Institute
9500 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44195
Phone: (216) 445-9684
Fax: (216) 444-8372

We have had a longstanding interest in understanding the precise self-recognition events involved in initiation and progression of autoimmune diseases and in developing novel therapeutic strategies that prevent disease progression. In these pursuits we have developed and characterized autoimmune animal models for several human diseases including multiple sclerosis, heart failure, sudden hearing loss, infertility, prostatitis, interstitial cystitis/pelvic pain syndrome, and breast failure. However, more recently, we have focused our attention on harnessing and focusing the full strength of the autoimmune response to provide safe and effective immunity against the development of diseases we confront with age. As such we have pioneered the concept of ‘immunoprevention’ of breast cancer by providing proof-of-principle that safe and effective protection against the development of breast cancer may be induced by vaccination against ‘retired’ self-proteins that are no longer expressed with age at immunogenic levels in any normal tissues but are overexpressed in newly invigorated emerging breast tumors. Thus, ‘retired’ proteins may substitute for unavailable pathogens as targets for developing prophylactic immunity against tumors we confront with age like breast, ovarian, and prostate cancer. Our laboratory is currently involved in bringing our ‘immunoprevention’ strategy from bench-to-bedside in clinical trials designed to prevent the more aggressive and lethal forms of breast cancer.

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Current Program: 

  • Cancer Vaccines
  • Cancer Immunotherapy
  • Primary Immunoprevention of Breast Cancer
  • Primary Immunoprevention of Ovarian Cancer
  • Plasticity of Self-Recognition in Autoimmune Disease
  • Immunoregulation of Autoimmunity
  • Li-Xin Wng, M.D., Ph.D. Staff Scientist
  • Suparna Mazumder, Ph.D., Project Scientist
  • Roberto Aguilar, Ph.D., Visiting Scientist
  • Justin M. Johnson, B.S., Senior Research Technologist, Graduate Student, and Ph.D. Candidate
  • Dennis J. Wilk, B.Sc., Senior Rsearch Technologist 
  • Valerie Swank, B.S., Research Technologist
  • Patrick Barrett, B.S., Research Technologist
  • G. Thomas Budd, M.D., Taussig Cancer Center, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH
  • Joseph Crowe, M.D., Director of the Breast Center and Breast Services, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH

Robert  Aguilar
Robert Aguilar
Visiting Scientist

Phone:(216) 444-0613

Justin M. Johnson
Justin M. Johnson
Principal Research Technologist

Phone:(216) 444-0613
Fax:(216) 444-8372

Suparna  Mazumder Ph.D.
Suparna Mazumder Ph.D.
Project Staff

Phone:(216) 444-0613

Valerie Ann Swank
Valerie Ann Swank
Sr. Research Technologist

Phone:(216) 444-0613
Fax:(216) 444-8372

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