Lerner Research Institute Administration

The Institute's administrative offices are located in NB2-52 (2nd floor near the Commons cafeteria) and ND4-06 (4th floor of the ND West wing). See also the map on the Location & Directions web page.

Name Phone Fax Room Mailstop Email
Thomas A. Hamilton, PhD
Interim Chair
216.444.3900 216.444.3279 NB2-56 NB21 hamiltt@ccf.org
Donna M. Driscoll, PhD,
Institute Vice Chair, Faculty Development
216.445.9758 216.444.9404 NC1-106 NC10 driscod@ccf.org
Stanley L. Hazen, MD, PhD
Institute Vice Chair, Translational Research
216.445.9763 216.636.0392 NC1-128 NC10 hazens@ccf.org
A. Michael Lincoff, MD
Institute Vice Chair, Clinical Research
216.444.2367       lincofa@ccf.org
Laura E. Nagy, PhD
Institute Vice-Chair, External Affairs
216.444.4021 216.636.0104 NE4-207 NC22 nagyl3@ccf.org
Name Phone Fax Room Mailstop Email
Shannon Barnes, MS
Manager, Communications Office
216.444.1798 216.636.1390 ND4-11 ND46 barness3@ccf.org
Vesna Barnjak
Analyst, Core Services
216.444.4610 216.444.3279 ND4-01 ND46 barnjav@ccf.org
Abby L.S. Bifano, PhD
Manager, Compliance Office
216.444.4423 216.636.1390 ND4-07 ND46 bifanoa@ccf.org
Miriam J. Dybiec
HR Business Partner
216.636.1894 216.636.1390 ND4-09 ND46 dybiecm@ccf.org
James D. Ellis, JD, MBA, CPA
Institute Administrator
216.444.9234 216.444.3279 NB2-59 NB21 ellisj@ccf.org
Jenienne Geist
Executive Secretary to Thomas A. Hamilton, PhD, Central Office
216.444.3900 216.444.3279 NB2-52 NB21 geistj@ccf.org
Shawna Hofstetter Whitlock
Senior Director, Fund Development Office
216.445.8523 216.444.3279 NB2-55 NB21 whitlos@ccf.org
Jeanne Ineman
Administrator, Core Services
216.444.8323 216.444.3279 ND4-10 ND46 inemanj@ccf.org
Marcia T. Jarrett, PhD
Director, Research Education Office
216.444.4860 216.636.1390 ND4-08 ND46 jarretm@ccf.org
Ofer Reizes, PhD
Director, Core Services
216.445.0880 216.444.9404 NC1-142 NC10 reizeso@ccf.org
Colleen Siedlecki, MBA
Assistant Administrator, Central Office
216.444.0019 216.444.3279 NB2-52 NB21 siedlec@ccf.org
Sarah Fehribach
Department Coordinator
216-445-2474 216-444-3279 NB21 NB21 fehribs@ccf.org