Position Descriptions

The following descriptions are general guidelines for some of the job categories at the Lerner Research Institute. More specific criteria or exceptions to these general descriptions should be clarified by the candidate with the principal investigator or supervisor offering each position.

Postdoctoral Fellow

Candidates for Postdoctoral Fellow will be expected to conduct research under the mentorship of a principal investigator in a predominantly independent manner. Fellows will be expected to pursue testing of hypotheses by developing experimental designs, managing and processing data and interpreting and preparing results for publication in peer-reviewed journals. Fellows will work closely with the principal investigator and will be expected to communicate effectively both in writing and in oral presentations. Qualified candidates will have successfully completed all requirements for the degree of doctorate in philosophy (Ph.D.) or doctor in medicine (M.D.) in relevant scientific programs.

Project Scientist

Candidates for Project Scientist will have substantial experience at the postdoctoral or research associate level and have established a respectable record of publication. Project Scientists will work in collaboration with the principal investigator, but work independently within the scientific framework of the principal investigator's laboratory. Project Scientists may seek grant funding from extramural sources in support of their research projects with the consent of the principal investigator and department chair. Project Scientist is a junior level faculty position.