Ken Baker, Ph.D.

Assistant Staff
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Molecular Medicine, CCLCM-CWRU

Lerner Research Institute
9500 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44195
Phone: (216) 445-2244
Fax: (216) 444-7927

My research interests are in the areas of neuromodulation, in particular the application of neurostimulation-based approaches for the study and treatment of neurological and psychiatric disease. I am currently involved in studies of the neurophysiology of movement disorders, the therapeutic mechanisms of deep brain stimulation (DBS), and the potential of novel DBS approaches to improve treatment efficacy and outcomes in both Parkinson’s disease and stroke. My work involves experimental and clinical trial research in humans as well as preclinical trials using non-human animal models of disease. Many of my projects involve close collaboration with other neuroscientists as well as neurosurgeons, neurologists, radiologists, and/or biomedical engineers.

Brett  Campbell

Brett Campbell

Research Technologist

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John  Hermann Ph.D.

John Hermann Ph.D.

Research Fellow

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Felipe  Paiva Ph.D.

Felipe Paiva Ph.D.

Research Fellow

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Cara  Wyant

Cara Wyant

Research Technician

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Selected Publications (2013 - present):

Hendrix CM, Campbell BA, Tittle BJ, Johnson LA, Baker KB, Johnson MD, Molnar GF, Vitek JL. (2018) Predictive encoding of motor behavior in the supplementary motor area is disrupted in Parkinsonism. J Neurophysiol. Jun 6. PMID: 29873615

Gopalakrishnan R, Burgess RC, Malone DA, Lempka SF, Gale JT, Floden DP, Baker KB, Machado AG. (2018) Deep brain stimulation of the ventral striatal area for poststroke pain syndrome: a magnetoencephalography study. J Neurophysiol. 119(6):2118-2128. PMID: 29384450

Hashimoto T, Muralidharan A, Yoshida K, Goto T, Yako T, Baker KB, Vitek JL. (2017) Neuronal activity and outcomes from thalamic surgery for spinocerebellar ataxia. Ann Clin Transl Neurol. 5(1):52-63. PMID: 29376092; PMCID: PMC5771317

Chan HH, Cooperrider J, Chen Z, Gale JT, Baker KB, Wathen CA, Modic CR, Park HJ, Machado AG. (2017) Lateral Cerebellar Nucleus Stimulation has Selective Effects on Glutamatergic and GABAergic Perilesional Neurogenesis After Cortical Ischemia in the Rodent Model. Neurosurgery Sep 27. PMID: 29029200

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Wang J, Johnson LA, Jensen AL, Baker KB, Vitek JL. (2017) Network wide oscillations in the parkinsonian state: Alterations in neuronal activities occur in the premotor cortex in parkinsonian non-human primates. J Neurophysiol Feb 22:jn.00011.2017. doi: 10.1152/jn.00011.2017. PMID: 28228579

Chan HH, Cooperrider JL, Park HJ, Wathen CA, Gale JT, Baker KB, Machado AG. (2017) Crossed Cerebellar Atrophy of the Lateral Cerebellar Nucleus in an Endothelin-1-Induced, Rodent Model of Ischemic Stroke. Front Aging Neurosci 9:10. PMID: 28261086; PMCID: PMC5313508

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Johnson LA, Nebeck SD, Muralidharan A, Johnson MD, Baker KB, Vitek JL. (2016) Closed-Loop Deep Brain Stimulation Effects on Parkinsonian Motor Symptoms in a Non-Human Primate - Is Beta Enough? Brain Stimul 9(6):892-896. PMID: 27401045; PMCID: PMC5143196

Wang J, Nebeck S, Muralidharan A, Johnson MD, Vitek JL, Baker KB. (2016) Coordinated Reset Deep Brain Stimulation of Subthalamic Nucleus Produces Long-Lasting, Dose-Dependent Motor Improvements in the 1-Methyl-4-phenyl-1,2,3,6-tetrahydropyridine Non-Human Primate Model of Parkinsonism. Brain Stimul 9(4):609-617. PMID: 27151601

Muralidharan A, Jensen AL, Connolly AT, Hendrix CM, Johnson MD, Baker KB, Vitek JL. (2016) Physiological changes in the pallidum in a progressive model of Parkinson's disease: Are oscillations enough? Exp Neurol 279:187-196. PMID: 26946223; PMCID: PMC4920549

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Connolly AT, Muralidharan A, Hendrix C, Johnson L, Gupta R, Stanslaski S, Denison T, Baker KB, Vitek JL, Johnson MD. (2015) Local field potential recordings in a non-human primate model of Parkinsons disease using the Activa PC + S neurostimulator. J Neurosci 12(6):066012. PMID: 26469737; PMCID: PMC5130227

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