My general interest is in discovering roles played by ion channels in physiological and pathophysiological conditions. My current research interests are focused on two main areas: the study of white matter stroke and cardiac hypertrophy/heart failure. Stroke affects 795,000 Americans every year. More importantly, survivors of stroke are functionally disabled, ranging from minimal to severe, which comes with an enormous cost to national health resources. Our research is designed to explore how casein kinase II signaling contributes to white matter ischemic injury by activating signaling pathways to impair oligodendrocytes and mitochondrial energy production. Our studies will translate into the identification of novel therapeutic target(s) that could ultimately result in reduced mortality and morbidity and improved recovery of stroke patients.

Cardiac hypertrophy/heart failure is a leading cause of morbidity and mortality in America. In addition to being the major cause of death and hospitalization, it comes with an enormous cost to national health resources. This research project is designed to explore the contribution of casein kinase II regulation of L-type Ca2+ channels on cardiac hypertrophy and transition to heart failure.

For these projects, our laboratory combines a variety of cutting edge methods: advanced electrophysiological, biochemical, genetic, optical, and 3-dimensional electron microscopy imaging. The combination of functional electrophysiology together with ultrastructural techniques provides our laboratory with the unique ability to test the significance of ultrastructural changes on functional readouts and vice versa.

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Selected Publications:

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Editorial comment:

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