Dawn M Taylor, Ph.D.

Associate Staff
Assistant Professor, Molecular Medicine, CCLCM-CWRU

Lerner Research Institute
9500 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44195
Phone: (216) 636-0140
Fax: (216) 444-7927

My primary interest is in how to extract intended arm and hand movements from the brain to control devices that restore movement to paralyzed individuals.

Tyler  Johnson
Tyler Johnson
Research Scholar

Phone:(216) 445-0011
Fax:(216) 444-7927

Sarah  Moralle
Sarah Moralle
Research Vet Tech

Phone:(216) 445-0011
Fax:(216) 444-7927

Selected Publications:

Jiang J, Marathe AR, Keene JC, Taylor DM. (2016) A testbed for optimizing electrodes embedded in the skull or in artificial skull replacement pieces used after injury. J Neurosci Methods 277:21-29. PMID: 27979758; PMCID: PMC5253247

Marathe AR, Taylor DM. (2015) The impact of command signal power distribution, processing delays, and speed scaling on neurally-controlled devices. J Neural Eng 12(4):046031. PMID: 26170261; PMCID: PMC4547796

Foldes ST, Taylor DM. (2013) Speaking and cognitive distractions during EEG-based brain control of a virtual neuroprosthesis-arm. J Neuroeng Rehabil 10:116. PMID: 24359452; PMCID: PMC3878059

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Marathe AR, Taylor DM. (2013) Decoding continuous limb movements from high-density epidural electrode arrays using custom spatial filters. J Neural Eng 10(3):036015. PMID: 23611833; PMCID: PMC3746986

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