Baltan, Brunet receive R21 to study Casein kinase 2 signaling in axonal injury


Selva Baltan and Sylvain Brunet received a 2 year, $275,000 R21 grant from NINDS entitled "Casein Kinase 2 signaling in axonal injury".  Their approach combines electrophysiology, biochemistry, RNA interference in oligodendrocyte cell lines, confocal and 2-photon imaging, tests of mitochondrial function, and 3-dimensional electron microscopy in order to define which glial cell type is injured by CK2 signaling and to establish that CK2 signaling impairs mitochondrial dynamics, function, and ultrastructure. These studies are designed to provide fundamentally important new insights into the physiological and pathophysiological regulation of CK2 signaling in white matter.