Brian P. Hobbs,  PhD

Brian P. Hobbs, PhD

Associate Staff

Lerner Research Institute, 9500 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44195
Location: JJN3-
Phone: (216) 444-3738
Fax: (216) 444-9464


Xuefei (Sophia)  Jia  MS Xuefei (Sophia) Jia, MS
Sr. Biostatistician
Phone:(216) 445-0527
Victoria  Konig  AA Victoria Konig, AA
Systems Analyst II
Phone:(216) 445-6041
Xiaobo  Liu  MS Xiaobo Liu, MS
Sr. Biostatistician
Phone:(216) 636-5412
Lisa  Rybicki  MS Lisa Rybicki, MS
Lead Biostatistician
Phone:(216) 444-9922
Ran  Zhao  PhD Ran Zhao, PhD
Data Scientist II
Phone:(216) 445-3659

12/18/2018 |  

Statistics Expert Leads National Clinical Trials Task Force

Breakthroughs in cancer biology have defined new research programs emphasizing the development of therapies that target specific pathways in tumor cells or promote anti-cancer immunity. Innovations in clinical trials have followed with statistical designs devised to consolidate traditional phases of oncologic drug development as well as facilitate inclusive eligibility and evaluations of multiple indications. These so-called “seamless” trial designs have many potential benefits but have not yet been objectively considered.