Bo Hu, Ph.D.

Bo Hu, PhD

Associate Staff

Department of Quantitative Health Sciences

Cleveland Clinic Foundation


Phone: (216) 444-3009

Research Interests

Adaptive design of clinical trials; Longitudinal data analysis; Bioinformatics; Kidney disease epidemiology; Statistical computing and data mining; Health economics

Selected Publications

Hu B, Li L, Wang XF, Greene T. Nonparametric multi-state representations of survival and longitudinal data with measurement error. Statistics in Medicine. 2012, 31:2303-17. 

Hu B, Gadegbeku, C, Lipkowitz, M, Rostand S, Lewis J, Wright JT, Appel L, Greene T, Gassman J, Astor B. Kidney function can improve in patients with hypertensive chronic kidney disease. Journal of the American Society of Nephrology. 2012 Apr; 23(4): 706-713.

Xu Y, Hu B, Choi AJ, Gopalan B, Lee BH, Kalady MF, Church JM, Ting AH. Unique DNA methylome profiles in CpG island methylator phenotype colon cancers. Genome Research. 2012, 22:283-291.

Chen X, Wang L, Hu B, Guo M, Barnard J, Zhu XF. Pathway-Based Analysis for Genome-wide Association Studies using Supervised Principal Components. Genetic Epidemiology. 2010, 34: 716-724. 

Hu B, Fu Z. Predicting utility for joint health states: a general framework and a new nonparametric estimator. Medical Decision Making. 2010, 30: E29-E39.

Hu B, Palta M, Shao J. Variability explained by covariates in linear mixed-effect models for longitudinal data. Canadian Journal of Statistics. 2010, 38: 352-368.     

Li L, Hu B, Greene T. A semiparametric joint model for longitudinal and survival data with application to Hemodialysis study. Biometrics. 2009, 65: 737-745.

Hu B, Ji Y, Tsui K-W. Bayesian estimation of inverse dose-response. Biometrics. 2008, 64: 1223-1230.

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