Michael W. Kattan, PhD

Department Chair
(Joint appointment with Department of Urology in the GUKI)

Phone: (216) 444-0584
Fax: (216) 445-7659
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Rajani Tendulkar, BS, MHA

Administrative Director – Clinical and Translational Sciences

Phone: (216) 444-0251
Fax: (216) 445-8204

John  Barnard  PhD
John Barnard PhD
Associate Staff
Phone: (216) 444-5945

Research Interests:
Design and analysis of genomic and genetic studies; design and analysis of transcriptomic and integrated-omic studies; data mining

Gerald  Beck  PhD
Gerald Beck PhD
Phone: (216) 444-9927

Research Interests:
Design of clinical trials; analysis of clinical trials

Eugene  Blackstone  MD
Eugene Blackstone MD
(Primary Appointment in HVI)
Phone: (216) 444-6712

Research Interests:
Adult and congenital cardiac surgery; adult thoracic surgery; comparative effectiveness research

Laura  Buccini  DrPH; MPH
Laura Buccini DrPH; MPH
Associate Staff
(Primary Appointment in DDSI)
Phone: (216) 445-8125

Research Interests:
health policy; quality metrics; ethical, legal and social issues (ELSI) in organ transplantation

Sara  Crawford  PhD
Sara Crawford PhD
Project Staff

Research Interests:
Population health, applied biostatistics, epidemiology, correlated data, statistical computing.

Jarrod E Dalton  PhD
Jarrod E Dalton PhD
Assistant Staff
Phone: (216) 444-9924

Research Interests:
Medical decision making; systems science; Bayesian networks and influence diagrams; clinical decision support systems; network science; simulation; agent-based models

Tanujit  Dey  PhD
Tanujit Dey PhD
Associate Staff
Phone: (216) 445-1336

Research Interests:
High dimensional variable selection and prediction; spatial statistical modeling for medical image data; dimension reduction

Jennifer  Gassman  PhD
Jennifer Gassman PhD
Project Staff
Phone: (216) 444-9938

Research Interests:
Design of clinical trials; analysis of clinical trials

Brian P. Hobbs  PhD
Brian P. Hobbs PhD
Associate Staff
Phone: (216) 444-3738

Research Interests:
Bayesian hierarchical modeling and prediction; casual inference; clinical trial design; cancer radiomics; functional data analysis; meta-analysis; spatial statistics; sub-population identification

Bo  Hu  PhD
Bo Hu PhD
Associate Staff
Phone: (216) 444-3009

Research Interests:
Adaptive design of clinical trials; longitudinal data analysis; bioinformatics; kidney disease epidemiology; statistical computing and data mining

Ming  Hu  PhD
Ming Hu PhD
Assistant Staff
Phone: (216) 445-5057

Research Interests:
Bayesian analysis, Markov chain Monte Carlo methods, modeling and computation in bioinformatics and statistical genetics, next generation sequencing data analysis.

Tae Hyun  Hwang  PhD
Tae Hyun Hwang PhD
Assistant Staff
Phone: (216) 442-5565

Research Interests:
machine learning, data mining and big data; computational biology and bioinformatics; next generation sequencing, genomics and network analysis

Peter  Imrey  PhD
Peter Imrey PhD
(Joint appointment in Mellen Center/NI)
Phone: (216) 444-0923

Research Interests:
Biostatistics; categorical data analysis; dental and oral research; diet and cancer; epidemiology; meningococcal meningitis; sample survey methods;

Matthew  Karafa  PhD
Matthew Karafa PhD
Project Staff
Phone: (216) 445-9556

Research Interests:
Dataset preparation; statistical computing

Michael W. Kattan  PhD
Michael W. Kattan PhD
Department Chair
(Joint appointment with Department of Urology in the GUKI)
Phone: (216) 444-0584

Research Interests:
Decision analysis; medical decision making; patient preferences; prediction; quality of life assessment; comparative effectiveness;

Brittany  Lapin  PhD
Brittany Lapin PhD
Assistant Staff
(Joint appointment in the Center for Neuro-Restoration/NI)
Phone: (216) 445-5729

Research Interests:
Applied biostatistics; epidemiology; health-related quality of life assessment; patient-reported outcomes; psychometrics; item response theory; longitudinal data modeling; structural equation modeling; latent class analysis; growth mixture modeling; meta-analysis

Edward J. Mascha  PhD
Edward J. Mascha PhD
Associate Staff
(Joint appointment with Department of Outcomes Research in the Anesthesiology Institute)
Phone: (216) 445-7805

Research Interests:
Design of experiments; joint hypothesis testing; analysis of multiple outcomes; causal inference; mediation analysis; individualized treatment effects; methods for analyzing correlated data; mixed effects modelling; reliability/agreement analyses;

Deborah M Miller  Ph.D.
Deborah M Miller Ph.D.
(Primary Appointment in NI)
Phone: (216) 444-8637

Research Interests:
health services research; patient reported outcomes; tele-health research

Anita  Misra-Hebert  MD
Anita Misra-Hebert MD
(Primary Appointment in MI)
Phone: (216) 444-5665

Research Interests:
mixed methods evaluation of clinical practice redesign; diabetes outcomes research using electronic medical records; prostate cancer screening decisions in primary care

Amy S Nowacki  PhD
Amy S Nowacki PhD
Associate Staff
Phone: (216) 444-3773

Research Interests:
Leveraging statistical consulting expertise to teach statistics to medical students, residents, fellows and staff at Cleveland Clinic; improving statistics education for nonstatisticians in the health sciences as well as experimental and observational study design and modeling

Nancy A. Obuchowski  PhD
Nancy A. Obuchowski PhD
Vice Chairman
(Joint appointment with Department of Diagnostic Radiology in the Imaging Institute)
Phone: (216) 445-9549

Research Interests:
Diagnostic test assessment; screening test assessment; study design and analysis for multi-reader ROC studies; quantitative imaging biomarker assessment

Tomas  Radivoyevitch  PhD
Tomas Radivoyevitch PhD
Associate Staff
Phone: (216) 442-5649

Research Interests:
Mathematical models of chronic myeloid leukemia; R software for SEER data analyses of second cancer risk kinetics; myelodysplastic syndromes and acute myeloid leukemia

Jeevanantham  Rajeswaran  PhD
Jeevanantham Rajeswaran PhD
Assistant Staff
Phone: (216) 444-9929

Research Interests:
Time to events and longitudinal methods using time-varying random effects; joint modeling of time to events and longitudinal data; statistical methods for observational data analysis

Changjin  Hong  PhD
Changjin Hong PhD
Project Staff
Phone: (216) 442-5499

Research Interests:
High-Throughput Genomic Data Analysis and Computing; Sequence Alignment; Bioinformatics Pipeline Design; SNP analysis; Electronic Health Record; Data Integration; Database; Network Analysis; Cluster Analysis; Analysis of Time Series Data; Machine Learning; Deep Learning; Bayesian Analysis; Image Signal Processing

Daniel  M.  Rotroff  PhD
Daniel M. Rotroff PhD
Assistant Staff
Phone: (216) 444-3399

Research Interests:
coming soon.

Jesse  Schold  PhD
Jesse Schold PhD
Phone: (216) 444-6254

Research Interests:
Statistics; health services research; epidemiology; quality of care; organ transplantation; end-stage organ disease; kidney disease; renal transplantation; healthcare provider performance;

David  Sugano  DrPH
David Sugano DrPH
Contract Staff
Phone: (216) 952-3871

Research Interests:
Value-based health technology assessment; quality-adjusted survival analyses; outcomes research supporting new drug development

Belinda  Udeh  PhD
Belinda Udeh PhD
Associate Staff
(Primary Appointment in Clinical Transformation)
Phone: (216) 636-2284

Research Interests:
decision analysis; cost-effectiveness analysis; behavioral economics of health; pharmacoeconomics; allocative efficiency; health technology/decision systems assessment; cost of illness/economic burden of illness; indirect costs of healthcare interventions

Xiaofeng  Wang  PhD
Xiaofeng Wang PhD
Phone: (216) 445-7737

Research Interests:
Clinical Machine Learning Models; Healthcare Big Data Analytics; Quantitative Image Data Analysis; Bayesian Inferences with Gaussian Markov Random Field Models; Measurement Error Models; Bioinformatics