Electron Microscopy

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The Imaging Core Electron Microscopy service has a JEOL JSM 5310 scanning electron microscope equipped with a Noran System 7 X-ray Microanalysis System.

We also have a new FEI Tecnai G2 Spirit BioTWIN transmission electron microscope equipped with a Gatan SC1000W, Peltier cooled, 14-bit, 11 megapixel camera.

The service is managed by a technician with more than twenty years experience in biomedical research EM. In addition to assistance with microscope imaging, she provides complete sample preparation services including processing, glow discharge, embedding, thin and thick sectioning, as well as sputter coating for SEM samples.

Beyond image acquisition, our facility also has a variety of software packages available for post-processing and analysis of EM data: such as PerkinElmer's Volocity, Universal Imaging's MetaMorph, and Media Cybernetics' ImagePro Plus.