Electron Microscopy


EM UC7 Ultramicrotome

(Leica Microsystems GmbH, Vienna, Austria)

  • 20-120 kV
  • Magnification 9.6x-77x
  • Eucentric stereo carrier +5/-8 degrees
  • 0-15000nm section thickness

EMS150T ES Sputter Coater

(Electron Microscopy Sciences, Hatfield, PA)

  • High Vacuum Turbo Pumping
  • Sputter Coater with gold target
  • Film Thickness Monitor
  • Glow Discharge Insert

FEI Tecnai G2 Spirit BioTWIN

Transmission Electron Microscope (FEI Company, Hillsboro, OR)

  • 20-120 kV
  • Magnification: 22x - 300,000x
  • Computer-controlled stage for large-field-of-view (montage)
  • Orius 832 CCD Camera, 11 megapixel (Gatan, Inc., Pleasanton, CA)


Scanning Electron Microscope (JEOL, Inc., Peabody, MA)

  • Magnification: 35x - 200,000x
  • JEOL Orion Image acquisition and handling controls

Noran System 7 X-ray Microanalysis System

(Thermo Electron North America, LLC, West Palm Beach, FL)

  • Enhancement of SEM for elemental detection