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The Lerner Research Institute's Core Services seek to facilitate and advance research throughout Cleveland Clinic by providing technologies that support basic, translational, and clinical research.

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Flow Cytometry Core

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The Flow Cytometry Core provides investigators with a resource for analytical and preparative studies of cells using flow cytometry. The Core is equipped with a Becton- Dickinson LSR II capable of 12 color and 14 parameter acquisition with 5 lasers, a Becton-Dickinson LSRFortessa capable of 18 color and 20 parameter acquisition with 5 lasers and High Throughput Sampler (HTS), an Invitrogen Countess automated cell counter, and a Apogee A50 Micro Flow Cytometer capable of 3 color and 5 parameter acquisition with an Argon ion laser.

Additionally, a Becton-Dickinson Special Order BD FACSAria II high performance, fixed-alignment cuvette cell sorter, consisting of 5 lasers, providing 16 parameters, is used for cell sorting. The BioProtect III Walk-In Clean Air and Containment Cabinet houses the FACSAria II and offers personnel, product, and environmental protection from potentially aerosolized biological hazards. Data is acquired as FCS 3.0 using BD FACSDiva Software on the LSR II, LSRFortessa and Aria II. Data can be imported/exported as FCS 2.0 or 3.0 when using FACSDiva. List mode acquisition and storage of data allows for analysis and presentation many different formats according to the needs of the investigator. Data files are permanently stored in personal folders on the LRI servers, readily available to all LRI employees with proper logon accounts. CellQuest, FlowJo, Apogee Histogram and ModFit software are provided for analysis.