Glassware Core

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How is the glassware sterilized?
A. All glassware is either baked @180°C for 8 hours or autoclaved @121°C to ensure proper sterility.

Q. What size pipettes do you carry?
A. The core has 1ml, 2ml, 5ml, 10ml, and 25ml plugged glass pipettes. In addition the core supplies 5 3/4 '' and 9'' Pasteur's pipettes.

Q. What type of detergent is used for washing glassware?
A. The core uses a pharmaceutical grade detergent that is phosphate free, inorganic in nature, and low foaming from Steris Corporation.

Q. How often is the Millipore system cleaned?
A. The millipore unit UF cartridge is sanitized once a month.

Q. What services do you offer?
A. The core offers glassware collection from in-house labs, stocking of cabinets with clean and sterile items, autoclaving, washing special glassware, biohazard waste, and sterile pipette tips.

Q. Where is the Glassware Core located?
A. The glassware core is located in NB1-20 (Washing and Autoclaving) and NB1-18 (Glassware Storage)

Q. What steps must I take to use your glassware or special services?
A. Contact the glassware supervisor, Lisa Banks at ext. 50542 or email

Q. If a specific piece of glassware is needed but not provided on the floor where can it be found?
A. Check in the glassware storage room located in NB1-18 or check with the glassware supervisor, Lisa Banks at ext. 50542 or email at

Q. I have any special glassware requests- who do I contact?
A. Email the request to either or