Glassware Core


Biohazard waste processing

Live or contagious waste can be decontaminated by the autoclave process before disposal; this service is available through the glassware core.

Glassware services

Collection of glassware from labs daily
Storage of sterile glassware
Daily delivery and stocking of glassware in lab areas

Quarterly testing of DI water

DI water from throughout the Lerner complex is tested for Endotoxins on a quarterly basis. Results are available in NB1-15.

Sterilization and Autoclaving

  • Washing and Sterilization of all types of glassware
  • Sterile Pipettes and Pasteurs
  • Autoclaving of liquids and dry materials
  • Washing and Sterilization of special glassware
  • Sterile Tips and custom tips available
  • Sterile DI water