Media Preparation Core


BioTek ELISA Reader

The Bio-Tek ELx808 is an absorbance microplate reader produced by Bio-Tek Instruments to perform kinetic Limulus Amebocyte Lysate (LAL) testing. The software can be configured to run kinetic chromogenic, kinetic turbidimetric, and endpoint testing.

MediaMatic Agar Unit

The Media Core has a MediaMatic MM-9 accompanied by 2 PourMatic MP-1000s. The MediaMatic is a sophisticated, versatile media sterilizer, benchtop autoclave and controlled water bath. It prepares from 1-9 liters of media in about an hour. The MP-1000s are automated dish-filling systems that produce high quality agar plates. The PourMatic aseptically dispenses agar into Petri dishes and stacks the sterile plates in a carousel for cooling.

PTS Endotoxin testing

The Endosafe®-PTS is a handheld spectrophotometer that utilizes FDA-licensed disposable cartridges for accurate, convenient endotoxin testing.