Metabolomics Core

The Metabolomics Core in the Lerner Research Institute functions as both an investigative Core and a service Core research facility. The goal of the core is to help the investigators for quantitation and characterization of compounds/biomarkers in biological materials using the liquid chromatography on-line tandem mass spectrometry (LC/MS/MS). The main focus of this core is to analyze small molecule biomarkers (100-800 Daltons) in plasma/serum, urine, tissues and other biological materials.

All investigators considering the use of LC/MS for analysis of small molecule biomarkers are encouraged to contact Dr. Renliang Zhang (Email: ; Tel: 216-444-3136).

The Metabolomics Core is equipped with a State-of-the -Art tandem mass spectrometer and two HPLC systems. The LC/MS/MS system is dedicated to help the investigators for analysis of small molecule biomarkers. Instrument time may be purchased on a fee-for-use basis by investigators. Expert technical assistance tailored to meet the needs of investigators in all aspects of the studies can be provided (for investigators who are either novices or knowledgeable in mass spectrometry applications). This includes advice in methods of appropriate sample storage and preparation, and assistance in HPLC or LC/MS/MS based method development.