Molecular Screening Core

Forms and Pricing

shRNA Order Forms:

The Molecule Screening Core (MSC) has negotiated an opportunity to order shRNA clones from Sigma (in the form of glycerol stocks) for LRI researchers at a very low price on a per clone basis.

To order shRNA clones:

  1. Check our MSC shRNA collection of available clones with controls:
  2. If your clones are available, please download/save and fill in the Old shRNA order form and e-mail to
  3. If clones are not available please visit the Sigma website,
  4. Download/save and fill in the New shRNA order form and e-mail to
  5. To order Lentivirus visit the Sigma website download/save and fill in the shRNA Lentivirus Order Form.doc
  6. If you do not have a CCF activity #, please download/save and fill out the Credit Card Authorization Form and fax to: (216) 636-1390.

- Orders from the MSC shRNA collection are available in 1-3 days;
- Orders for new shRNA are placed on the 15th and the last day of each month and are available in ~ 2 weeks after the placement.

Please contact us for more information.