Molecular Screening Core


Multidrop 384 microplate dispensers (ThermoLabsystems)

Rapid liquid dispensing/cell plating into 384- and 96-well plates. Minimum volume 20 µl per well.

Detection modes and applications:
Synergy 4 modular microplate reader (BioTek)

Fluorescence intensity (200-800nm, 6 decades of dynamic range), Time-Resolved Fluorescence, Fluorescence Polarization, Luminescence (300-700nm), UV-Visible Absorbance (200-999nm); FRET, TR-FRET, BRET; end-point and kinetic measurements; well area scanning and spectral scanning .

Well formats: 6-1536.

Dual injectors, temperature control, variable speed shaking, Gen5 software (reader control and data analysis).

The reader is equipped with Bio-Stack Microplate Stacker (BioTek), which allows automatic reading of up to 30 microplates at different time points (0-24h).

Laminar Flow Tissue Culture Hood

3 Nuaire Biological Safety Cabinets providing laminar flow and a sterile work environment for hybridoma tissue culture work.

-70 Freezer

1 Revco -70 celsius freezer and 1 -20 celsius freezer

shRNA Sigma mission shRNA clones