Jacob Scott, MD

Principal Investigator
Associate Staff, Departments of Translational Hematology and Oncology Research and Radiation Oncology

I'm a radiation oncologist who specializes in the care of patients with Sarcoma and a theoretical oncologist who thinks about the fundamental evolutionary mechanisms driving therapeutic resistance. When I'm in the lab, I think about the evolution of resistance and spends my time working with, and mentoring my lab mates - with whom I feel incredibly lucky and honored to work. When I'm not working I like to spend time reading to, and playing with my kids, spending time with my wife and walking in the woods with my dog.
Email: scottj10@ccf.org
Twitter: @CancerConnector
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Postdocs and Researchers

Masahiro Hitomi, MD, PhD

Email: hitomim@ccf.org

The first patient, whom I saw as a medical student, was suffering with an incurable disease. This experience motivated me to step into the field of scientific research trying to find something new that may benefit medical treatment. My research interest is to understand how extrinsic environment modifies intrinsic molecular programs that control critical cellular decisions such as cell cycle progression, cell death, and cell fate choice. Currently I am studying the asymmetric cell division in cancer stem cells and the therapeutic resistance in cancer cells. In daily life, I occasionally find that the pair of socks I am wearing are asymmetrical.

Nara Yoon, PhD

Email: nryoon12@gmail.com
Twitter: @NaraYoon12

I am a postdoctoral research fellow working on dynamical modeling of tumor cell populations using a combination of dyanmical systems theory and stochastic models. My principle interest is the study of the emergence of resistance in the tumors developed during cancer therapy. The main purpose of the research is to find optimal strategies of utilizing available treatments to cure cancers.

Inom Mirzaev, PhD

Email: mirzaev@colorado.edu
Twitter: @inom_mirzaev
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I am a joint postdoc with the Mathematical Biosciences Institute at Ohio State University. Currently, I am investigating the emergence of resistance to castration therapy in patients with prostate cancer. I am also interested in applications of deep learning in automated segmentation of structures from MRIs. When I am not coding and doing math, I like to bike, play basketball/soccer and watch soccer games.


Andrew Dhawan, MD

Email: adhawan@qmed.ca
Twitter: @andrewdhawan
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I am currently pursuing a DPhil in Oncology at the University of Oxford, co-supervised by Dr. Jacob Scott, Dr. Francesca Buffa, and Dr. Adrian Harris. My DPhil thesis is focused on the roles of non-coding RNA (microRNA and circular RNA) in cancer. As I have trained in medicine and mathematics, my interests span clinical neurology and oncology, medical genetics, computational biology, and mathematical biology. I also love to learn about people and cultures, spend time with friends, run, and read!

Artem Kaznatcheev

Email: artem.kaznatcheev@cs.ox.ac.uk
Twitter: @kaznatcheev
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Artem is developing algorithmic biology: using theoretical computer science to structure evolutionary theory. Unlike physics-inspired theories, algorithmic biology doesn’t rely on simple well-controlled systems but abstracts over arbitrary micro-dynamics. As such, Artem views poorly-characterized cancer cells not as a domain in which to apply existing biological knowledge, but an experimental system with which to learn about evolution. You can find him working on his DPhil in the Computer Science department at the University of Oxford, supervised by Peter Jeavons and Jake. He also thinks about evolutionary game theory and philosophy of science and works closely with David Basanta and Andriy Marusyk. Learn more about algorithmic biology and Artem's other interests at the Theory, Evolution, and Games Group.

Elena Svenson

Email: elena.svenson@case.edu
Twitter: @ele_sven

I am currently a PhD Candidate in Systems Biology and Bioinformatics at Case Western Reserve University’s School of Medicine. My research is focused on evolution of therapeutic resistance in cancers, both experimentally and computationally. Experimentally, I am working on evolving resistance to standard of care treatments for Ewing Sarcoma, and assaying secondary treatment effectiveness throughout this evolution. Computationally, I am exploring the more theoretical concept of drivers and passengers in cancer, and their effect on clonal structure. Outside of the lab, I like to cook, swim, and spend time with my rabbit, Kat.

Drew Williamson

Email: dfw36@case.edu
Twitter: @DFKW_MS4

I am a 4th year medical student at Case Western doing a research year with Dr. Scott before entering residency training in Anatomic Pathology. My projects include the modeling of lung cancer with evolutionary game theory, RNA-Seq data analysis using network theory, and building a morbidostat. I am additionally interested in issues in digital and computational pathology.

Nikhil Krishnan

Email: npk13@case.edu
Twitter: @nkrishnan94

Nikhil is a second year medical student who can not decide if he wants to be an infectious disease doctor or an energy healer. He can usually be found with an aquarium pump and an arduino - but to what end?

Jessica Scarborough

Email: jas613@case.edu
Github: GitHub
Twitter: @ScarboroughJess

I’m an MD/PhD student in the Medical Scientist Training Program at Case Western Reserve University. In lab, I’m researching the evolution of cancer cell resistance to therapy using open-source databases and R software. When I’m not in class, I can usually be found feeding my dog way too many treats or trying restaurants around town.


  • Email: scottj10@ccf.org
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