Kathleen A. Derwin,  Ph.D.

Kathleen A. Derwin, Ph.D.

Associate Staff

Lerner Research Institute, 9500 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44195


Our research program focuses on identifying the factors that influence healing and clinical outcomes after rotator cuff repair—including demographic, disease, and surgical issues, as well as local biologic factors such as stem and progenitor cell characteristics and inflammatory biomarkers. Our aim is the modification of key factors, either pre-operatively or through surgical treatment, which will lead to better clinical decision-making, patient selection and improved outcomes.

We also investigate extracellular matrix scaffold technologies as a surgical treatment strategy for enhancing healing after rotator cuff repair. We utilize traditional MRI, together with novel CT-based imaging of radiopaque markers, to measure tendon retraction and understand the relationship between structural healing of the tendon and clinical outcomes. Further, we are developing imaging biomarkers to quantify local bone marrow "quality" and guide decision-making about tissue-healing potential and the need for cell-based therapies.

Lay Summary

Our lab is investigating different ways to improve healing and long-term outcomes for patients who have had rotator cuff surgery. We are also interested in how the extracellular matrix, the mesh-like substance that provides structure to tissues, might be used to enhance healing after surgery.

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8,080,260 Molecular Enhancement of Extracellular Matrix and Methods of Use 12/20/2011 Kathleen Derwin Ph.D.