Aaron  Fleischman,  Ph.D.

Aaron Fleischman, Ph.D.

Staff Scientist

Lerner Research Institute, 9500 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44195


Recent progress in microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) is being applied to biomedical applications and has become a new field of research unto itself, known as BioMEMS. BioMEMS is an enabling technology for ever-greater functionality and cost reduction in smaller devices for improved medical diagnostics and therapies, based upon the same technology used for computer chips.

For example, BioMEMS technology can enhance catheter-based procedures by providing pressure sensing, imaging, drug delivery and tissue sampling, all via tiny biochips. On the nanoscale, BioMEMS can be used to engineer micro-/nanometer-sized features for tissue engineering, protein analyses, assays, and cell interrogation.

Areas of application under investigation include:

  • Miniature high-performance ultrasonic transducers, which integrate electronics and piezoelectric transducers on a single chip to create high-quality ultrasonic images.
  • An implantable artificial kidney using Silicon Nanoporous Membranes.
  • Biochips for cell detection and manipulation.
  • Surface textures and systems to enhance tissue engineering of bioartificial tissues and organs.
  • The design and development of miniature in situ sensors for pressure, temperature strain and flow for minimally invasive and noninvasive surgical procedures and post-surgical follow-up.

Lay Summary

My laboratory concentrates on the science of miniaturization: applying micro- and nano- technology to biomedical therapies. The research focuses on two broad categories: 1) we investigate how to shrink high-functioning large systems into small computer-like chips for implantation or minimally invasive medical procedures; 2) we take advantage of the physics of very small things to enable new capabilities and technologies for unmet medical needs.

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US Patent Patent Title Issue Date First-Named Inventor
7,728,442 Method and Apparatus for In Vivo Sensing 10/23/2007 Aaron Fleischman Ph.D.
7,169,106 Intraocular Pressure Measurement System Including a Sensor Mounted in a Contact Lens 1/30/2007 Aaron Fleischman Ph.D.
6,749,568 Measurement System Including a Sensor Mounted In a Contact Lens 6/15/2004 Aaron Fleischman Ph.D.
6,641,540 Miniature Ultrasound Transducer 11/4/2003 Aaron Fleischman Ph.D.
6,623,984 MEMS-Based Integrated Magnetic Particle Identification System 9/23/2003 Aaron Fleischman Ph.D.

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