George F. Muschler,  M.D.

George F. Muschler, M.D.


Lerner Research Institute, 9500 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44195


Our laboratory is focused on advancing the field of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine through development of new strategies for preservation, repair, regeneration, augmentation, or replacement of musculoskeletal tissues. We focus on four key areas: 1) the harvest, processing and transplantation of adult connective tissue stem cells and progenitors (CTPs) for treatment of fractures and problems of degenerative joints; 2) the effects of aging and osteoporosis on CTPs; 3) optimizing assays for CTPs and other stem cells; 4) the development of advanced automation instruments and methods for rigorous reproducible cell processing. Methods that we have developed to measure the number and function of CTPs, andtoharvest, concentrate, select and transplant CTPs, are already widely used by scientists and surgeons.

Lay Summary

Our future health requires that we constantly repair and replace the tissues that we lose each day to natural processes, injury, degeneration or disease. Our laboratory is focused on developing and testing new cell-based therapies for patients who suffer conditions that result in the loss of healthy tissue, including fractures, bone loss (osteoporosis), arthritis and cartilage injuries. We are also developing new methods and standards for measuring the number of stem and progenitor cells in different tissues of the body, to advance the entire field of cell and gene therapy These methods can provide a new way to assess the health or disease state of a specific tissue and allow for the development of new cell therapies.

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