D. Geoffrey Vince  PhD
D. Geoffrey Vince PhD
Department Chair
Phone: (216) 445-6980
Gail  Lannum  MT
Gail Lannum MT
Administrative Director, Biomedical Engineering & Technologies
Phone: (216) 444-1254

Jay  Alberts  Ph.D.
Jay Alberts Ph.D.
Phone: (216) 445-3222

Research Interests:
Parkinson's disease; deep brain stimulation; forced exercise; assisted exercise; stroke; robotics; concussion assessment

Suneel S. Apte  M.B.B.S., D.Phil.
Suneel S. Apte M.B.B.S., D.Phil.
Phone: (216) 445-3278

Research Interests:
Extracellular matrix; proteomics; metalloproteinases; ADAMTS proteases; ADAMTS-like proteins; morphogenesis; cardiovascular; musculoskeletal; birth defects; fetal-maternal medicine; eye disorders; neural tube; craniofacial development; smooth muscle; post-translational modification; inherited connective tissue disorders;osteoarthritis; primary cilium.

Margot  Damaser  Ph.D.
Margot Damaser Ph.D.
Phone: (216) 444-1103

Research Interests:
Urinary incontinence; pelvic floor disorders; fecal incontinence; pelvic organ prolapse; peripheral nerve injury; stem cell; regenerative medicine; electrical stimulation; pressure measurement; neurotrophin; animal models; bladder function; urethra; vagina; urodynamics

Kathleen A. Derwin  Ph.D.
Kathleen A. Derwin Ph.D.
Associate Staff
Phone: (216) 445-5982

Research Interests:
Rotator cuff repair; abdominal wall repair; musculoskeletal soft tissue repair; ECM scaffolds; extracellular matrix; muscle fatty atrophy

Ahmet  Erdemir  Ph.D.
Ahmet Erdemir Ph.D.
Associate Staff
Phone: (216) 445-9523

Research Interests:
Biomechanics; tissue mechanics; musculoskeletal; movement; locomotion; modeling; simulation; computation; finite element analysis; optimization; multiscale analysis; simulation-based medicine

Aaron  Fleischman  Ph.D.
Aaron Fleischman Ph.D.
Staff Scientist
Phone: (216) 445-3218

Research Interests:
Biosensors; cell detection; imaging; IVUS; intravascular ultrasound; MEMS; microfluidics; nanotechnology; ultrafiltration; ultrasonic transducers

Kiyotaka  Fukamachi  M.D., Ph.D.
Kiyotaka Fukamachi M.D., Ph.D.
Phone: (216) 445-9344

Research Interests:
Mechanical circulatory support; ventricular assist device (VAD); total artificial heart (TAH); cardiac function; pressure-volume loop; hemodynamics; heart failure; neurostimulation; mitral valve

Chaitali  Ghosh  Ph.D.
Chaitali Ghosh Ph.D.
Staff Scientist
Phone: (216) 445-0559

Research Interests:
sports medicine; American football; childhood trauma; brain development. epilepsy; inflammation; traumatic brain injury; concussion; blood-brain barrier; drug delivery; in vitro models;

Linda M. Graham  M.D.
Linda M. Graham M.D.
Phone: (216) 445-3298

Research Interests:
Vascular grafts; endothelial cells; smooth muscle cells; oxidized lipids; canonical transient receptor potential (TRPC) channels; cell migration; collagen synthesis

Vincent C. Hascall  Ph.D.
Vincent C. Hascall Ph.D.
Phone: (216) 445-5676

Research Interests:
Hyaluronan in inflammation; asthma; diabetes; autophagy; hyperglycemia; connective tissue biology

Jan  Jensen  Ph.D.
Jan Jensen Ph.D.
Associate Staff
Phone: (216) 445-0990

Research Interests:
Diabetes; pancreas development; insulin-producing cells; stem cell therapy

Vijay  Krishna  Ph.D.
Vijay Krishna Ph.D.
Assistant Staff
Phone: (216) 445-5966

Research Interests:
Light-nanomaterial interactions for biomedical applications; Multifunctional nanomaterials for non-invasive image-guided cancer treatment; Nanotherapeutics for prevention of cancer; Novel, long-lasting sunscreens

Vinod  Labhasetwar  Ph.D.
Vinod Labhasetwar Ph.D.
Phone: (216) 445-9364

Research Interests:
Nanomedicine; nanoparticles; cancer; imaging; targeted drug delivery; stroke; antioxidant delivery

Xiaojuan  Li  Ph.D.
Xiaojuan Li Ph.D.
Director, Program for Advanced Medical Imaging
Phone: (216) 442-8848

Research Interests:
Magnetic resonance (MR) and MR spectroscopic imaging in musculoskeletal disorders; clinically oriented quantitative imaging; early detection of cartilage degeneration; marrow adiposity and osteoporosis; rheumatoid and osteoarthritis; joint injury; Program for Advanced Medical Imaging

Zong-Ming  Li  Ph.D.
Zong-Ming Li Ph.D.
Phone: (216) 444-1211

Research Interests:
Hand; wrist; upper extremity; musculoskeletal; neuromuscular; biomechanics; rehabilitation; carpal tunnel syndrome

Paul D. Marasco  Ph.D.
Paul D. Marasco Ph.D.
Associate Staff
Phone: (216) 444-1217

Research Interests:
Sensory Integration with Prosthetic devices; Amputee Research; Cognitive Embodiment; Visual-Tactile Integration; Sensory Neurophysiology; Brain Organization; Neural Plasticity; Kinesthesia; Diabetic Sensory Neuropathy

Edward V. Maytin  M.D., Ph.D.
Edward V. Maytin M.D., Ph.D.
Phone: (216) 445-6676

Research Interests:
Skin cancer; photodynamic therapy; light therapy; wound healing; inflammation; fibrosis; extracellular matrix

Gordon  McLennan  M.D.
Gordon McLennan M.D.
Phone: (216) 444-6124

Research Interests:
Hepatocellular Cancer; Local Drug Delivery; Image Guided Therapy; Endovascular therapy;

Ronald J. Midura  Ph.D.
Ronald J. Midura Ph.D.
Phone: (216) 445-3212

Research Interests:
Skeletal biology; bone formation; metabolic bone disease; fracture healing; microgravity; space medicine; mechanical unloading

George F. Muschler  M.D.
George F. Muschler M.D.
Phone: (216) 444-5338

Research Interests:
Stem cell; progenitor cell; bone; cartilage; arthritis; aging; osteoporosis; bone loss; fracture non-union; blood; bone marrow; regenerative medicine; tissue engineering; gender differences; cell therapy; cell processing; orthopaedics; orthopaedic surgery; rheumatology; rehabilitation; quality; clinical outcomes; joint replacement

Kunio  Nakamura  Ph.D.
Kunio Nakamura Ph.D.
Staff Scientist
Phone: (216) 444-4789

Research Interests:
quantitative image analysis; multiple sclerosis (ms); magnetic resonance imaging (mri); brain atrophy; mri-pathology correlations; neuroimaging; brain imaging; ms clinical trials; image processing; machine learning;

Ela  Plow  Ph.D., P.T.
Ela Plow Ph.D., P.T.
Assistant Staff
Phone: (216) 445-4589

Research Interests:
Aging; brain; brain damage; brain plasticity; cancer-related fatigue; chemo-brain; functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI); hemianopia (vision defect); motor control; motor imagery; motor learning; motor cortex; motor mapping of brain; noninvasive brain stimulation; spinal cord injury; stroke; transcranial direct current stimulation; transcranial magnetic stimulation; neuroimaging; neuromodulation; neurorehabilitation; visual cortex; visual field loss

Anand  Ramamurthi  Ph.D.
Anand Ramamurthi Ph.D.
Phone: (216) 444-4326

Research Interests:
Cardiovascular tissue engineering; elastic matrix regenerative repair; abdominal aortic aneurysms; cell-matrix interactions; nanoparticles; drug delivery; electrospinning technologies; stem cells for matrix engineering; vascular cell signaling in disease

D. Geoffrey Vince  Ph.D.
D. Geoffrey Vince Ph.D.
Department Chair
Phone: (216) 445-6980

Research Interests:
Cardiovascular imaging; stroke; histology; image and signal processing; atherosclerosis

Aimin  Wang  Ph.D.
Aimin Wang Ph.D.
Staff Scientist
Phone: (216) 445-3237

Research Interests:
coming soon.

Maciej  Zborowski  Ph.D.
Maciej Zborowski Ph.D.
Phone: (216) 445-9330

Research Interests:
Cell separation; magnetic cell sorting; magnetic nanoparticles; immunomagnetic cell labeling; tissue magnetic susceptibility; red blood cell magnetic susceptibility; cell magnetophoresis; biomagnetism; intracellular iron; iron metabolism; circulating tumor cell separation; tissue progenitor cell separation; stem cell separation; particle tracking velocimetry; cell tracking velocimetry