Carl  Saab,  PhD

Carl Saab, PhD


Lerner Research Institute, 9500 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44195


I am the director of the Pain Science Technology and Research (STAR) Lab, whose mission is to foster collaboration between clinicians and researchers to develop, test and validate novel technologies and methods to diagnose and treat chronic pain. The lab’s vision encompasses hypothesis- and data-driven scientific discovery leading to translational research.

Our research program is guided by the scientific premise that sensory and emotional states are governed by neural circuits. Our main goal is to elucidate and map these circuits with unprecedented cellular specificity and temporal resolution, using multidisciplinary research tools such as optogenetics, self-report behavioral paradigms, and high-density (>200 units) neural recordings in vivo across the spine-brain continuum. Basic science discoveries are then translated to biomedical applications in collaboration with healthcare partners, using non-invasive brain imaging and machine learning.

Lay Summary

Chronic (long-term) pain is one of the most widespread, costly and disabling health conditions in the United States. Musculoskeletal pain, the most common type of chronic pain, is especially devastating; healthcare costs for chronic low back pain are estimated at $100 billion a year. Our research is based on new scientific findings showing that pain is controlled by the brain. Therefore, our main goal is to define the brain networks that govern pain, through non-invasive brain imaging and analysis of patient data. This will allow for better diagnosis of patients with pain, and will enable healthcare professionals to treat patients earlier to prevent long-term pain, disability and opioid use.

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US Patent Patent Title Issue Date First-Named Inventor
9,486,632 Pain management 11/8/2016 Carl Y. Saab, PhD
8,977,362 Peripheral pain management 3/10/2015 Carl Y. Saab, PhD

12/10/2020 |  

New Method for Diagnosing Pain Combines EEG and Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Saab and his team are exploring a new, more objective way to diagnose pain that is rapid, less expensive and provides more accurate results.