The Department of Cardiovascular & Metabolic Sciences is home to scientists with broad expertise in cardiovascular and related systems as well as cellular metabolism related to diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

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$10M NIH Grant Will Advance Research Into Sex Differences in Brain Cancer

This new award will fund a research consortium led by Lerner Research Institute and Case Western Reserve University to study differences in glioblastoma between males and females.

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Research Reveals Potential Drug Target for Treating Obesity and Other Metabolic Conditions

Dr. Wu and his team show that targeting the protein hepsin may be a viable option for treating diabetes and other diseases, finding that inhibiting its expression prevented or reduced obesity and diabetes severity in preclinical models.

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Non-Cancer Cells and Sex Differences in Glioblastoma: The Latest on the Tumor Microenvironment’s Role in Disease

Dr. Lathia found that in female disease models, a protein commonly expressed in glioblastoma tumor cells, called JAM-A, suppresses microglial activity and drives disease metastasis differently than in males.

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