Mechanical Core


The Mechanical Core is highly skilled in a variety of fabrication, customization and repair services for mechanical devices and equipment. We are proficient in precision machining of metals and plastics, welding of structural and exotic metals, instrument refurbishing and mechanical repair.

Our personnel can work from concept sketches to design and fabricate new devices, test research fixtures and equipment. Documentation of the newly created part or device is also available through two-or three-dimensional computer-aided design (CAD) drawings. We also use SolidWorks and AutoCAD software. CAD drawings can be converted into computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) programs that are directly fed into the Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines or Rapid Prototyping machines to fabricate the desired parts.


Sebastian  Bakalarczyk

Sebastian Bakalarczyk
Research Engineer Technician
Phone:(216) 444-1257

Scott  Ineman

Scott Ineman
Surgical Instrument Technician
Phone:(216) 445-9366

James  Proudfit

James Proudfit
Research Engineering Technician
Phone:(216) 445-9366

Don  Sutliff

Don Sutliff
Research Engineering Technician
Phone:(216) 444-1257

Mark  Zenbauer

Mark Zenbauer
Program Manager
Phone:(216) 445-9366

Walter  Zimmer

Walter Zimmer
Research Design Technician
Phone:(216) 445-9366


Fabrication Capabilities
The equipment at our disposal allows us to create high-precision devices for a wide variety of clinical or research applications. Examples of devices that have been produced by this facility include acrylic cranial windows, a brain tissue environmental chamber, a myocardium rapid-freezing device and a mitral valve repair frame. With the combination of our trained technicians and advanced equipment, we can help you develop a custom device that will enable you to complete projects or procedures. Some of our machining equipment include:

Instrument Manufacturing and Refurbishing
Old, dull and/or damaged instruments can be returned to like-new condition.

Mechanical Device Design and Development
Core personnel can provide as much design assistance as is required. We accept jobs ranging from someone needing a simple part in a hurry to working with your detailed engineering drawings. We can provide input on materials, geometries, drive mechanisms and instrumentation. Often hand-drawn sketches are sufficient, but full computer-aided design capabilities are available.


Mechanical Core

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