The Cleveland Clinic Florida Research and Innovation Center (FRIC) is a cutting-edge research institute dedicated to advancing medicine and saving lives through groundbreaking research, discovery and innovation. Researchers work to expedite the timeline of translating basic science discovery to treatments that can extend human life and improve the efficiency of healthcare delivery. FRIC will develop next generation treatments for a broad scope of diseases that result life-threatening illnesses – improving healthcare in Florida and globally.

Our research focuses on emerging infectious diseases as well the role of the immune system in infectious disease and cancer. We aim to better understand the complex interactions between the body’s immune response to pathogens and cancer cells. Our work will translate to the development of new vaccines, anti-viral drugs and immunotherapies to advance treatments in the areas of cancer, neurosciences, infectious disease and heart disease.

Infectious Diseases

COVID-19, influenza, diseases caused by mosquito- or tick-borne viruses


Leukemia, prostate cancer, glioblastoma and virus-induced cancers

More than ever, research is critical to our understanding of infectious diseases and the development of treatment and vaccines. The Cleveland Clinic Florida Research and Innovation Center plays a key role in this global effort.

The FRIC complements and expands research currently underway at Cleveland Clinic’s five Florida hospitals, as well as Cleveland Clinic’s Lerner Research Institute in Cleveland, Ohio. Our facilities span approximately 100,000 sq. ft of dedicated research and support spaces, including state-of-the-art shared resource facilities in flow cytometry, imaging and bioinformatics.

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