The Florida Research & Innovation Center Bioinformatics Services provides high throughput sequencing analyses for all internal and external collaborators. Our specialty is RNA-seq (bulk and single cell), but we also have extensive experience with other methods, including: WGS, WES, miRNA-seq, ChIP-seq, CLIP-seq and de novo assembly of transcriptomes and genomes.

We work closely with Lerner Research Institute's Genomics Core to provide pre-sequencing consultation for projects in experimental design, sample preparation considerations, read architecture and sequencing depth selection. Once the sequencing has been completed, we will review the results of the completed analyses with investigators.

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Adrian  Reich, PhD

Adrian Reich, PhD
FRIC Bioinformatics
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Phone:(772) 345-8124
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Instructions for accessing example reports for standard analyses can be found on the FRIC Bioinformatics Connect Today page (Cleveland Clinic employees only).

Bulk RNA-seq Pipeline
Standard RNA-seq analyses are charged on a fixed price model, and can include as many or as few of the available analyses. We are constantly developing new analysis modules or tools that all future customers can benefit from. Currently the pipeline can provide the following analyses:

  • Read trimming
  • Read mapping
  • Feature (gene) counting
  • Differential gene expression
  • Differential exon usage
  • Differential splice expression analysis
  • Gene set enrichment analysis
  • IPA integration

Single Cell RNA-seq Pipeline
Single cell projects are also charged on a fixed price model. Single cell analyses are developing rapidly, and we are rapidly expanding the different analyses on offer. Currently the pipeline can provide:

  • Read mapping
  • Feature (gene) counting
  • Cell cluster separation
  • Cell cluster identification
  • Differential gene expression

Custom Analyses
All analyses that do not fall under current pipelines are treated as custom work and are charged by the hour. This could include amplicon sequencing analysis, figure generation, protein motif quantification, de novo transcriptome assembly, etc. If your project fits within the expertise, we would be happy to help, or put you in contact with someone who might be able to help.


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